Friday, June 1, 2012

Back Stage Living

This was the title of our sermon last Sunday by our guest Pastor.  Basically we all have a front stage and a back stage - the front stage is what the public sees, the back stage is private, the soul.

The front stage is always doing, going, performing (not meaning that in a bad or false way).  The back stage is a state of being, resting, and restoring ones self in the Lord (or should be).

We are to live our lives inside out, meaning, whatever we put into us will come out of us.  So am I putting good things into my life so that good things will come out?  Am I clinging to the branch so that I can be a vine that produces good fruit?  Am I creating time to sit at the feet of Jesus?  Can I hear His voice?

As I am having my year of "journey", I wonder if I am the one doing all the talking to God or if I actually have any time to hear Him, listen to that still small voice, slow down enough to breath?

I got together with a group of women that I know for a challenge to read the entire Bible over the course of this year.  While I am not good at doing this every day, I must say that it is something that I look forward to every day and when I miss a day, I truly miss being in the Word.  BUT it is strange to me how much I am retaining it, I mean like, how many verses can I say by memory?  I have my verse of the day and I do cut some out and tape them to my bathroom mirror, but how many have I memorized - ah - not one of them yet.

I drive to work for about an hour each day, on the way into work I take time to pray.  I truly enjoy that time with the Lord, lifting up prayer requests and such.  BUT how much during the day do I take to listen to Him?  I can see Him working at the Center and am truly blessed by watching Him at work - BUT how much of the work that I do at the Center is through His power or my own?  Would I really know the difference?

A beautiful point the Pastor brought out was how Jesus got up early to be with His Father, spending time with Him before ministry.  He was being filled up so He could pour out.  This is what I want to do.  Spend my time with Him being filled up so that I can pour out.

I am starting to feel bold in Christ, feeling the freedom to speak the words that He wants me to speak.  Although I do need to slow down and hear Him more.

This past week I have seen CPS (Child Protective Services) Clients (I have 2 couples right now).  I truly enjoy this, meeting with them, talking about parenting skills, hearing their stories, all of it.  I am starting to use the principle of being filled up so that I can pour out, speaking truth in love to them.  Trying to slow down, listen to them so that I can hear from the Lord and speak back to them.

You see over the past couple of years I have filled my life with going and doing, not being.  So after this past Sunday's service, I have felt that conviction of slowing down.

So this is what I feel I need to start doing:  create space (don't always just be on the go), slow down, hurry less, being in the Word more, by doing this I will be able to hear His voice.

If I can begin to manage my back stage well, then my front stage can keep going.  I will be able to perform the ministry that He wants me to do, be on the path that He wants me to be on.  Clinging to the branch so that this vine can produce good fruit.  After all God is my anchor!

Funny how life is, still not sure where my journey will take me, but being in the back seat, taking care of my back stage sure makes a lot of sense.  What an interesting journey so far and just think, June is here, in 6 more months I might just know where my path is leading me!!  :)  Thank you for joining me, Stacy


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey, I enjoy reading about what God is doing in others lives. I have been having that feeling of "transition" in my life the last 6 months. I am trying so hard to make sure that whatever move our family makes is within God's will and not my own.

  2. Hmmm, I think I have heard this before. Oh yeah, for me God calls it "Living with Margins" because you know how much I love a good book. Especially a brand new one with nothing written in the margins!