Thursday, March 22, 2012

Be careful what you pray for!

Well, as you all know I am in the middle of my journey to find out what the "rest" of my life has for me. Well, lately I have felt very overwhelmed! So many things happening at work, a child moving back home (which is a praise report!) and rain (which is a blessing) causing grass and weeds to grow. All the while, trying to work with the horses, running 2 fundraisers at the same time at work, plus running the education department, plus everything else I do at work! As well as trying to keep up with the house and property! Oh, did I say I was feeling overwhelmed??? Ah, yes I am!

Ok, so here goes the "Be careful of what you pray for part". I have been praying on how to slow down - where to cut back - what can I let go of - how can I spend more time in prayer and just "being still and knowing God".

So, yesterday we had to take one of the horses to the vet, she wasn't eating normally and believe me - she EATS. Tressa and I loaded her up in the trailer in only 20 minutes, so thought it would take longer as she has only been off the property 2 times before this trip. Feeling pretty good about loading her and while I was closing the bar to secure her in the trailer I got my left pinky finger caught in the bar so now have 2 beautiful blood blisters. A little hard to type - who knew I needed my left pinky finger that much.

So, Albert gets home from work and he decides he will go with me. This is good because I have never driven the horse trailer before. So we get there and she is freaking out, shaking from the trip over there and very sweaty. I go to let her out and she almost runs over me, but the main point to this part is that she steps on my foot. So happy I was wearing boots! Then we go to where the exam is going to take place and she won't go into the room. Have to have help with that. Thank you vet techs! She finally receives some drugs to help calm her and we get to look into her mouth. Horses mouths are strange and beautiful. Crazy looking teeth and as you are looking at them you wonder why God created them that way. Well, of course He made them that way, so that they can chew their food very well - because they can colic way too easily.

Ok, so we try to get her back into the trailer, ah, more drugs please! Anyway, we had a hard time (worse than when Tressa and I put her in), Albert who was still in his work clothes got step on, so glad his toes are still there. Had to have 2 vet techs help us, she is crazy, can you say more drugs, please! So one of the vet techs has this idea to back up the trailer to a spot where she basically had to go into the trailer, so we did that (ah, so glad Albert joined us - me backing up a trailer - I think not).

Ok, all is well - ah NOT! We get home and she starts FREAKING out! I thought she was going to knock the trailer over! She saw the other horses and HAD to go to them! We got her out, Tressa helped and then all was well ------------- until I took off my boot!

Can we say pretty purple and pink colors! GREAT! My foot is so swollen I can hardly walk!

Albert was so sweet and fed the horses and mucked stalls for me the next morning (today). I hobbled into work - so glad I found a shoe that fit. I had to ice my foot - I HATE icing! My co-worker even brought me a bag of ice at work - they were all so sweet to me.

So, now I am thinking, ok, I am going to have to cut back - have to slow down - have to figure out how to do that, but basically I was just hobbling around work and that only made me slower, not have to do less.

Needless to say, my 2 fundraisers are over in the next week. Although April is full, May won't be as bad and basically through all of this I have found the one thing that I want more than anything else is to have time with my horses! Train them! Ride! Learn to ride better! Ah, did I say that I love horses! Yes, I do!!!

Hmmmmmmmm, when I started writing this I didn't think it would end this way. Even though yesterday was crazy and I HURT I wouldn't change a thing!! I love those horses!!

And just wait until Albert hears about how I want to rescue horses! Just read an article in my Horse and Rider magazine! Man, too many horses out there are in such bad shape!

Wonder if God will give us more land so I can save some horses - ah - stay tuned! Stacy