Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Rest of the PBR Story

So I see Leah Garcia in the stands (she is an announcer on Verses that travels with PBR) and I asked if she would take a picture with the guys....

...little did I know that I was now going to have the opportunity to be the Fan of the Night! So here I am talking with her on camera.

She took me back to the shoot area and I actually got to talk with her again and also my favorite bull rider - J.B. Mauney.

Here I am getting ready to ask my question.

It was a total blast being down with all the action, the guys riding, having dirt flung over my head as the bull was bucking. This trip was so wonderful, not only to share my love of PBR with my hubby and best friends, but to have the opportunity to be in the middle of all that action. Oh, and being on national tv 2 times in one night - ah - that was a blast as well!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Can You Say San Antonio?

We are setting out for our trip to PBR - it was held in San Antonio so we packed up 2 cars and made the trip! The 5 of us had a blast! We were there from Friday until Monday - the River Walk is so much fun!

Albert and I are ready to go out to eat on Friday night...

We ate at a Mexican Restaurant and Fonda and I had our picture taken with these fine lads...

Well, here I am on Saturday with Robson Palermo - he is from Brazil. His average score is 86.23 and has a 52.38 riding average for this year. We got his picture in the hotel lobby where we were staying.

Here I am with Guilherme Marchi - also from Brazil. He and his wife own a restaurant in Dallas - would love to go there some time. He won the world title in 2008 and is trying to do it again this year. His average score is 85.86 and his riding % is 58.14 for this year. He was signing autographs at the place where we bought Albert's new cowboy hat! It is a great hat! Looks great on him! ;)

PBR Baby!

Here is my cowboy! See how great he looks in his hat!! Can't wait to go to the cattle auction with him sporting his hat! :)

Here I am with Wiley Petersen - he is so funny and truly enjoys the fans. His average score is 85.28 and his riding % is 61.9% this year. Go Wiley!

Here I am with Skeeter (yes, that is his name) Kingsolver. He is new to PBR and only has 30 rides out so far. His average score is 86.42 and riding % is 43.33. He is young that is for sure! We actually could have gotten him in trouble because he posed for the picture while he was supposed to be in a team meeting - sorry, Skeeter!

What great looking cowboys! My hubby and Jim. We had fun in San Antonio!

Here is a piece of the action! It was a blast to watch the cowboys!