Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day on LAST3 Ranch

We had snow - not a lot, but enough to make it feel more like winter! Here is a picture of Charley and Cody's fort - I am thinking that Charley would have loved to slide down that snow slide!!

Here are the horses water buckets (don't worry there is another one that is not frozen - they can drink!), the hose is frozen inside the bucket.

Love the snow covered roof!

Albert wrote "Snow Day" on his car. Had to take a picture of that!

The greener part is where Tim was parked this morning. I love our "frosted" driveway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Boys were Back in Town!

Tara, Charley and Cody came down this weekend. It was so good to see them! It was so fun to play with them and have a houseful again. Now, it is quiet, ha, I enjoy that too!! Charley loves his Papa!!!

Here is Cody - one month old! Wow, how times flies! He was having some tummy time on the couch, I was trying to capture his cute little dimple, but he was not cooperating! He would just show it off after I already snapped the picture!

Tara, Charley, Cody, Tressa, Mickey and I went to the zoo on Friday. It was a gorgeous day for sure! Charley loved looking at all the animals, but he really enjoyed running back and forth as the sea lions were playing. It was too cute! Tressa wants to bring one home, she thinks she can keep it in the tub - ha - don't think so!

Charley and I enjoying the elephants. He had to get up on the stand next to this one. I had Tara take our picture, since I am the one that takes most of the pictures, I needed to have one taken of us at the zoo!

And this is my favorite! Charley and Papa working! Charley ran out to Papa after we got home from the zoo. He had to go right out there and help him! He also loved playing outside with Papa!!! They had a great time! I think the next time they come to visit it is Cody's turn on the tractor with Papa, he will be a month and a half - I think that is the right age to start him working on the Ranch! lol :)