Saturday, March 7, 2009

What A Day!

It was such a wonderful day that I gave my girl a bath! She was OK with it, Charley watched as she got doused by a hose. The funny thing is, that after her bath, she has to roll. It is an amazing sight to watch as a 1013 pound animal rolls over on the grass. I am just glad that I was finally able to give her that bath. Until today it was too cold.
We are having Charley's 1st B-day party next weekend - trying to get ready for that as well.
I must say - I love Spring! God bringing everything back to life! I am truly having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

China Town

I believe my favorite part of the San Fran trip was China Town. The first store that we went into was a great store. The girl helping us told us a lot about the year of the Ox and our birth years. I just so happen to be the year of the Dragon. As I read the card that talked about all the traits "Dragon People" have - I found most of it pretty true. It was all very interesting to me. Today being my birthday I find myself thinking about China Town, about my traits, and about the year of the Ox. I want this to be a wonderful year, not only in my personal life but professional as well. I also want this year to be a blessing to all of you!
Last year was the year of the Rat. The girl told us that the Rat steals all your money - oh how true! This year is the year of the Ox - so this year if we work hard - we can regain that money and more! This year I don't want to just focus on money - but all the things the year of the Rat took from me. Time, joy, peace and quiet - just to name a few. This year I am going to focus on getting all that back in my life and more!
I figure this is my year to focus on the positive in my life and all the wonderful blessings that I have been given by the Lord! Not to mention my wonderful family and friends!
Not only that, but my goal is to gain at least one cow this year. My mantra for this year is "Bovine in '09" - I will keep you posted on how that goes!
China Town made a HUGE impact in my life. I know that the Lord will use that for my good - like He does with all things.
May the year of the Ox bring you nothing but GREAT things!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A New Toy

Charley likes playing the drums like Uncle Tim already

It would be great if he could do laundry!