Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Back

My life has been crazy for the past couple of months and I have not felt in the mood to blog. I am coming to a point in my life that I think I will be able to - no more writer's block - ha!

Just got back from a wonderful trip with some wonderful friends and I am feeling refreshed and ready to take the world on, well, maybe Hockley! :)

So here I am, 45 (almost 46 - yikes) without a job, and not knowing what the future holds, and really feeling ok with that. Now my husband, I am sure, would like the job to come sooner than later - funny, my family likes food in the house; but right now, hmmmmmmm what is it that I am to do?

Ever feel this way? What direction am I now being led? Where does the Lord want me to go next? What path is the right one for me?

I have been so involved in ministry for the past 12 years that I am not sure if that is still the direction He is leading me or could it be a new ministry path He wants for me?

I love my horses (guess you get that from the name of my blog) so what is it that I can do with them to actually make money? Is that something that could actually happen? What about cattle? Having T-Bone has been fun, crazy and fulfilling. Is that something I can make money doing? From what people tell me, cows and horses are not the way to make money, but is that true for my life?

I am not talking about becoming rich, just making a life that will work for my family.

This year has passed by way too quickly already, things at times, feel out of control. It is time to take my life back; to enjoy life, my family, my friends and the beautiful home that the Lord has given us.

I want to take this time, before I turn 46 (March 3) to figure all of this out. I hope to share this process on the blog and that you won't mind more words than pictures. Although I will still have to put in pictures of my grandson and animals - that's just me! Ha!

Thank you for taking this journey with me! Until next time....