Friday, March 16, 2012

Interesting Week

Well, all I can say is that it has been a very interesting and crazy week. I am not sure how this all fits into my journey, but I do know God is amazing!

We helped Tressa move back home on Saturday, so that was good!

On Tuesday we were able to get tickets to the rodeo (got to see Miranda Lambert) - you know I want to go to the rodeo as much as I can! Albert, Tim, Lorene (his friend), Tressa, Paige (her friend) and I were able to score suite seats - it was a blast! The night before we picked up the tickets from friends while having dinner at Lupe Tortillas (one of my favorites), while there I started talking with the waitress (yes, Fonda and Robin - I know you are shocked - lol), well one thing led to the other and I invited her - so we saw her there as well - she is such a cutie!

Wednesday I was questioning everything (probably because I was tired from the weekend and the rode0) about my life - if where I worked was where I should be, if I needed to do something different - what all was going on - anyway - after some sleep, I was much better - lol - crazy how things become when you are sleep deprived!

Today, Friday, was mowing day, so Albert and I started to mow while Tressa left for work, well, as I was mowing I saw her walking down the street - ah - her car just stopped!

So Albert and I went down there to her car and let her take one of our cars to work. I love towing insurance on cars - I must say - I have been able to use it enough to justify it! So, we got a tow truck out there and we will see what is up with her car.

I am sure that I am working towards the right path - I feel it! Not sure how long that will include working at the Center - but maybe a bit more! Have to make sure Albert and I are able to build that round pen and start working those horses - so I know that I will be at the Center for the rest of this year and maybe 2013 as well.

Tressa will be with us at least until August (maybe July) then at that point she will be going away to college - something that makes me so happy and proud! I am very excited that she has come to this choice!

Please keep us in your prayers! I really feel the support!!!