Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interesting Stable Mates

Yesterday I saw a little black bunny around the stall area, he was easily scared away, very timid. I saw him today when I was mucking stalls, he was almost coming up to me where I could pick him up. I gave him some hay, but that is not what he wanted. All of the sudden I saw him in the stall with Baby. It was so cute that I quickly went to the house and asked Albert to get the camera for me. Here is what I was able to capture.

I guess rabbits like horse feed, he didn't want the hay, but was very happy with the feed!

Baby was fine with sharing - I was nervous thinking that she might step on the Bunny - but that didn't happen.

After Baby left the stall to eat her hay, I gave the Bunny a little more feed. I am thinking that the Bunny got misplaced after the storm that blew in on Thursday. He looks so dirty and evidently very hungry. Wonder how long Bunny will stay with us? I will tell you this, never a dull moment around the Ranch! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

22 Years of Wedded Bliss

In Taft, CA on Sept 2, 1987 a Catholic boy and a Baptist girl were married by an Assembly of God preacher. Albert and I were married in my grandparents home and 9 people were there to witness this happy occasion. We had our honeymoon, for one night, in Bakersfield, CA, then loaded up the u-haul and drove to TX.

We now have 3 wonderful children, Tara, Tim and Tressa and beautiful grandson, Charley. We have been through good times, bad times, rough times and amazing times! I must say the whole 22 years have been the best adventure of my life and I wouldn't trade any of it because it has gotten us to where we are today!

Marriage is such a blessing and I am blessed to have had 22 years with my best friend! I look forward to what the next 22 years have for us! I love you, Albert!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Christmas came early for Charley

Here is Charley with his new play set.
He really loves it. We were able to buy it from a friend and got a really great deal on it!

I am hoping this will keep Charley busy - he can do tons of climbing and even slide down the slide - it was fun watching him play on it last night.

Tara was trying to help him climb up, but I had washed it down earlier and he found water still left in the little cut outs - so he had to play with the water - he is too funny!
Having fun with Momma.