Friday, May 14, 2010

What a Thursday!!

So Tara, Charley and I headed out to run errands early Thursday morning. After the little errands were out of the way and of course lunch :) we headed to Lowe's!! Ah, I have never had 3 shopping carts at Lowe's before, so this was a first. Of course if things were not so bulky or heavy, I am sure I would not have needed that many. We got flowers, pavers, bags of sand, potting soil, 1 x 4's and of course a cute toy for Charley. It is a puzzle type of a deal with tools. He loves tools!! After loading up the truck I had to stop at the feed store. Poor guy, it seems as I am always making it hard for him to load the feed. This time he had to put it around the wood, bags of sand and plants. So, we headed home and I got to unload all of it. I had to do the pavers first and see how it made the new seating area look. I love it! I now need to get some color in the seating area - so off to Wal-Mart I will go today to see if they have any fun stuff for the yard. Oh, and get this, Lowe's is all out of the squirrel chairs - can you believe it! And no, it is not a sign - ha - they will get more in!

I planted my plants and rearranged the flower beds. I had to sit in the new seating area and see if I like the new look. I did rearrange some more after I took this picture and I also realized I forgot to buy a plant for the planter by the front door - will have to see what they have at Wal-Mart so I can finish up with all my planting.

This is called a butterfly bush and this is why. The butterflies love it! I was so happy that they stayed there long enough for me to get a picture. I have some humming bird feeders out as well, 2 humming birds so far, but I can't ever keep them there long enough to enjoy watching them or take their picture.
I was able to finish up the side flower bed and have plants by the back door as well.
Now the horseshoe pit is really ready - come on over and play!! Let me just end by telling you this, be very thankful that you can't smell through the computer because after I was done with all the loading, unloading, moving pavers, hauling bags of sand and off loading the horse feed - ah - I smelled awful! You know it's bad when you can't stand to be around yourself - ha!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun Toy

Charley and I saw these cute little chairs at Lowe's. You place a cob of corn on them for the squirrels. At first they didn't eat the corn because they had bird seed to eat - silly squirrels!

Then one day I saw one hanging upside down from the tree to grab a piece of corn - it was too cute - hence the photo!
He would then run up into the tree to eat his lovely corn. Albert was giving me a hard time because I wanted to get 2 more chairs. I do have 2 more trees that they would look so cute in! They also come in different colors - always need more bling for outside!
Well, I finally got to see a squirrel sitting in the chair and so then was able to let my hubby know how important it is to get more chairs - ha! I think we will be invaded by squirrels - but right now - I am enjoying watching them.
We have so many beautiful birds out here as well. I never considered myself a bird lover, living in Katy we had the wrath of Mocking Birds, but out here - wow - they are amazing and so different and beautiful. Next stop to the bookstore to buy a book on birds. I want to know their names and be able to tell Charley what each one is.
For now the birds, squirrels, rabbits and deer run our land as if it was their own. I guess I don't help when I buy food to keep them around - but hey - it is such a blessing to go outside and enjoy what the Lord has created!
Stay tuned - more chairs to come!!! :)