Friday, March 9, 2012

Step 1

In moving forward in my journey, I joined APHA (American Paint Horse Association) today. I have a registered Paint and need to get paperwork to show that she actually belongs to me now. So, joining was "step one".

Albert and I are also going to go to McCoy's tomorrow to buy the rest of the items that we need to build a round pen. So, that will be "step two" - of course that step won't be complete until it is built, but with the cooler weather that we are having, it will happen sooner than later.

I have a nice spot picked out on the back of the property for the round pen. I want it to be easy to get to, but not in the direct view of my neighbors or when sitting on my back porch.

Albert and I are also going to build a wash rack. We already have water that is easily accessed and cement poured for it, just need to create a way to keep the horses there while they are being washed. They don't always like this process.

I have a friend who owns a registered Paint Stallion, "step three" will be having Baby and Tejas artificially inseminated (AI). I wanted to have Princess done as well, but her "horse" age is 68 and I just can't do that to a 68 year old! LOL - I would not want to be pregnant at that age!!

I think I also need to go down the street (well, longer than just a street) and see if I can volunteer for the SPCA. They have their horses out there and it would be good to be around more horses and learn more about them and how to help them transition from being wounded to a state of healing.

I will also be looking into riding lessons, so need to keep my eyes open to see where I can do that. I know I can at our local Jr College, but I think I want to have someone train me instead. I do believe it will be more cost effective this way.

So I will be blogging and probably posting pictures for the next steps that have to take place.

Not sure what all this means, but these are the steps I know I am to take - no matter what happens in my life in 2013. Meaning do I still work for the Center? Do I start a new ministry? Do I jump into the world of volunteering? Do I go back to school so that I can learn how to counsel abused children? Ah, just waiting around for the Lord and taking it step by step!

It is nice to see some of the process unfold right before my eyes! Stacy

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Let's just say with my personality it is hard to wait on what I see I want to do and what needs to be done. I can see puzzle pieces being put together in my life, I just don't know what they all mean as of yet.

I was praying on the way into work earlier this week and just asking the Lord to show me if working at the Center is something that I need to be doing - if I am making a difference. I was asking Him to show me on that day - well, He did! It was so amazing!! I was given a birthday card where the staff signed it and it just made me cry with all the wonderful things that were written on that card. God just always amazes me in what He is doing and where He is working and I am just so blessed to be a part of that.

I also know that I can keep moving forward this year at the Center even though the drive can get to me on some days. I can push through that because I see Him at work there and what He is doing in the lives of the clients, staff and volunteers.

I have also come to realize that what ever my next step is it involves those who are abused. Whether that means animals, people (children) or both. I know this is the path He has me on.

I truly need to write out all that God has shown me and formulate some sort of a plan from that. For some reason I am not getting around to that and usually that is so much fun for me to do. Hmmmmm wonder what that means.

Well, as I end this blog post I must say once again, waiting is very hard for me to do, but I will wait - will wait to see what doors the Lord opens and what doors He closes. He has a plan and it is going to be truly wonderful!

Waiting, waiting waiting - that is what I will be doing as I plug away at other goals He has given to me for this year.