Saturday, September 26, 2009

Charley and Grandpa Playing

By looking at this picture you would think that Grandpa is going to haul something and Charley is walking by him as his helper...

...but that is not true! Charley is trying to find the right time and position to get on the dolly...

...he has to go riding with Grandpa all over the yard!

He loves riding on here - looks uncomfortable to me, but this boy loves it!

Truly Charley and Grandpa have lots of fun together!

Fun running after a cow...

...I think not!!!
I put T-Bone with the horses so that they could all graze together - well, T-Bone is still a little afraid of them. So one of the horses ran towards him and bam he jumps over the fence into the neighbors yard.
I saw him do this but was not outside, so I had to put on my boots, run to the back pasture, jump over the fence and call out his name. He was no where to be found. I am calling him and then all of the sudden I see him running down the road. He was on his way home. The neighbors saw him and helped guide him back through the front gate. After that I was able to get him back into his pasture with food - ah the way to his heart is through food! So, all was well, except for the fact that I am too old to run after animals! I can tell you this, life on the Ranch is always interesting! :)