Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now this is Love

Charley saw Grandpa outside mowing and had to run over to him. Since he couldn't ride with him, he decided he would walk and hold Grandpa's hand.

He was so excited to see me take pictures, he was waving.

What a happy boy! He LOVES being outside and being with his grandpa!! I must say he is such a good helper/worker - wonder when he actually realizes it is work if he will be the same way - ha!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Graduate!

Here she is the graduate! Congratulations to Tressa! So can't believe it, it is true what they say - don't blink - the years go faster than you think! One day your baby is born and then the next moment they graduate from High School!

Here is Tressa with her grandparents (Albert's mom and dad). They came up from Kingsville to help us celebrate! We actually had a house full for her graduation. My dad and his wife, Connie, Stef, Scott and Baine joined in celebrating with us as well. It was wonderful!

The proud parents!

We had good seats. Tressa had told us what row she was going to be in and we actually sat on the correct side - yeah!

Tressa graduated on Saturday, but had her party on Friday. She had a really amazing cake and so here she is cutting it at her graduation party. What an amazing time we had celebrating Tressa! Next stop college!!! A new journey will begin in her life. Tressa, we are so proud of you! We love you very much!!!! I know you will accomplish all your goals and dreams!