Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charley likes to Dance

Charley was our entertainment for Grandpa's b-day. He was dancing all over the place. Even Boone wanted to get in on the action!

He is growing up too quickly!

Happy Birthday Albert!

We celebrated Albert's b-day with a fish fry

Happy Birthday My Love!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tante and Charley Time

Charley likes talking on the phone.

Playing High 5 with Tante!

ah - cute!

Tressa Turns 17

Tressa wanted a Chinese themed party and so we had a cake made that went along with that theme. It was a huge fortune cookie cake - very cute! Written around the red plate (which also is cake) were the words - Happy Birthday, Tressa - how cute is that??!!

Tressa and her cake!

We lit up that cake!

Almost blew them all out at the same time - guess it is hard when you have 17 of them! HA!
Albert and Tressa found some words that we could put in frames for decorations.