Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chillin' with Charley

Charley loves to be in the tack room. He has to touch all the feed cans and the hay. It is so cute, he goes from one can to the next as Grandpa or I call out - Horse Food - Cow Food - Hay - he has to make sure we see him and call out what the cans are holding.

Ah, he found his favorite ride and had to get it on. Grandpa wasn't going to get away without moving him around the property!

Yeah for Grandpa! Charley is having fun and toasting his wonderful Grandpa!

Ah, the cattle don't get it! They had to watch Grandpa and Charley from afar - it was too funny!

Oh, and just in case you were curious about Barn Bunny - He is still here! He loves to eat the horse feed and the cattle feed. He hangs out in the stalls and our trees. I see Hawks around, but Barn Bunny has managed to stay far away from them! Life on the Ranch - I LOVE IT!


I wanted to show you that it was snowing on the LAST3 Ranch, not that any stuck on the ground here, but with Static being so dark, I thought the snow would show up better. Albert had much more snow at his work and he was disappointed that we didn't have more here.

The snow is not phasing the cows from eating - that is for sure!

My sister and her son, Baine, came to stay with us. They had more snow in their area and wanted to make sure they didn't lose power. Here is Tressa with Baine out in the snow!

T-Bone has the "grass is greener" syndrome and is sticking his head through the fence. Hope you can see our snow against the darkness of the cattle.

It was a very fun snow day. It didn't last that long, but it sure made it feel like Christmas was in the air! I sure would love it if we could get another snow day!