Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Albert and I have been working in the front yard. I am not sure that Albert would say that we are having fun in the sun, as he has been doing a lot of work for me; but with each new yard of rock, I am becoming more and more excited about my front yard!

So excited that I had to put in a new seating area. We can now sit in the front yard, the side yard and the back yard. Oh, more to come on the backyard as we have extended our fence line - can't wait to play horse shoes! Anyone game??? :)

This is our new plant on the side yard. I am so excited to have a hydrangea! My great-grandmother had one that was so huge. My cousin, Julie, and I were just talking about her and the hydrangea the other day. I so hope that it will be come as beautiful as hers was! What we remember from our childhood - amazing!

Just a view from the side yard to the front yard.
I saw the cutest thing to feed squirrels! This little lawn chair that you screw a cob of corn into. It was so cute! Charley had to hold it all throughout Lowe's. They do have other colors and I do think I will have to go back and get more of them - ha - much to Albert's dismay!
Albert and I have had so much fun getting our yard all ready for Tressa's graduation. If you want to visit us before then, just drop on by, we can have a cold beverage in the new seating area! FUN!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Senior Pictures "2"

Tressa said that she wanted different looks for her Senior pictures, yesterday was "Comfy" style and today she calls it "Casual". We have a patch of yellow flowers in the back pasture that we thought would be a cute place to pose.

We have some down trees and Tressa wanted to be able to take pictures with them as well.
Also, you can see that Tressa is sporting a new pair of glasses. She is wanting to try them for awhile and not worry about contacts right now - I think she looks very beautiful in them!

Another one in the yellow flowers

And of course, Tressa has to stick out her tongue. Hey, it wouldn't be Tressa if she didn't have at least one picture with her tongue out - ha!
We will do "Formal" pictures and of course Cap and Gown - stayed tuned to see what our beautiful daughter will wear next and where she will have her pictures taken!

Charley the Cowboy

After I had my doctor appointments yesterday, Charley and I met Grandpa for lunch. Charley found the Chuck Wagon and had to ride. At first he was on the horse, too cute, then I got some quarters and put him on the wagon seat. He was sad when the quarters ran out.
Guess one of my many jobs as Grandma is to make sure there are always plenty of quarters!!
Grandpa took his picture with his cell phone - got to love technology!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Senior Pictures

Well, here is my baby girl, Tressa, all grown up and getting ready to graduate! Where did the time go? It is amazing to me how quickly they grow!

Tressa wanted some causal pictures as well as formal. We had a little bit of time today to just take a few. She is in our front yard and was doing different poses by the tree.

Charley saw Tressa with all these poses with the tree, so he had to do it too. Ha, he is too funny!!

We will be taking some more pictures so stay tuned! Tressa is also excited because after she graduates she will be spending 2 weeks in CA. She will be visiting family and friends there. She wants to work full time this summer and then start Lonestar College in the Fall.

Children, what an amazing and wonderful journey! I have truly enjoyed my children at every stage of their lives and I am so excited to have a relationship with them that is fun and full of adventure!