Friday, April 13, 2012

Question Everything

This is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein and is in a new book that I am reading, "change your questions, change your life".

In the first couple of chapters you meet the character, Ben, who was the "answer man" at work and now he finds himself as the person who has no answers.

He is going to a mentor of sorts, per his boss's request, and now he has to Question Thinking.

The thought process here is that you have to find the right questions to find the right results. One example of this is back in the days when nomads walked from water hole to water hole, living in tents and constantly worrying about where they will be getting their next water for their livestock and their families, their question was, "where is the water?". Well once they changed their question to "how do we get water to us?", cities where born, crops were grown, life was different.

Ok, how do I apply this to my journey, my path. Well, I am not sure as of yet, only on chapter 3 - lol - but I am excited to see where this book will take me.

I have found my strengths (although I need to go and review them), I have seen what a good general does (although I need to read more of the book, "The Art of War") and now this book.

Also this morning in my Bible reading, God challenged me to defend the defenseless and stand up for the underdog. This is what I want to do. My question is HOW?

But is that the right question? Is that going to show me my path? What question is it that I am really asking? I know this - God, what is it that You want me to do? Do I continue the path where I am or start something new? How can horses be incorporated in all of this? Are they supposed to be? What is my next step?

I have questions, but don't believe I am asking them in the right way! I am hoping that the Lord will reveal to me what to ask and how to ask it as I read this book. Stay tuned - it may get interesting! :)

On another note, Albert and I are taking our youngest on a college tour today. I am excited to see what path the Lord has for her and to be able to share in this journey with her!

Thank you once again for sharing this journey with me! Stacy

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Journey

Ok - so here I am - wondering about my journey - my path - my next step in life - and right now I am cloudy and foggy - don't get it! But staying the course - because that is what I need to do until God shows me what is next.

BUT I do know that I am helping my youngest with her journey - so I like that! She wants to go to college and find her own path - yeah - love that!

BUT another thing has just caught my eye! Yes, another thing! I LOVE watching Food Network and all their shows - but what I didn't realize is that in America (yes, America) we have children going for days (sometimes) without food - WHAT??? How can that happen - aren't we a GREAT and mighty country??? Don't we have programs in place to where people don't have to go hungry? We have food pantries, WIC, food stamps, Shelters and schools that give discounted lunches - how can this be???

So on this commercial they say by 2015 we can end children hungry - WHAT - 2015?? Why do we have to wait 3 more years to end hungry in America???? Sorry, but this just blows my mind!

Ok, so now what, do I do something about this? Do I just send a check, do I check into our area about this - I just don't get it! This (once again) is just blowing my mind!

Every day I deal with women who need help and I have numbers to give them or I can actually help them - why is there this problem? What is slipping through the cracks???

So basically stay tuned and we sill see what happens next on this issue......

Oh, I am also praying for a person to rent a stall - just so you know!

Well, just wanted to share what was on my mind - once again, thank you for sharing this journey with me! Stacy