Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, Tara and the boys have moved up to Ft Hood and the house is very quiet these days! I guess my blog will be very different from now on, unless they come to visit, then I will have pictures to post of my awesome grandbabies.

A change is definitely going on at our house - the quiet - more space - less to fix for dinner - all sorts of changes.

I am going to work on some projects in the house, I will be taking before and after pictures, so then you will be able to see all the changes inside!

Albert and I will be working on the property, we will be getting it ready for Tara and Jeff's wedding reception in April, so there will be pictures from those projects as well.

Tim has a new wonderful job that he loves. He is doing video and sound editing and will be going around America and the world for this job. He had to get his passport renewed, looks like this summer he will be traveling to where he will need it. He is planning to move out either this month or next.

Tressa is working at Kroger and for a daycare. The daycare is only a few hours per week, but she wants to pay her car off as soon as possible, so she is thankful for the work.

Albert is working hard on some projects for U S Bank, so that all is going well.

We are working in the man cave, trying to get that all nice and pretty. Well, I am sure Albert doesn't want a man cave that is pretty, but you get the idea, we just want it done.

I am working a few hours a week for Women's Pregnancy Center, helping them with fund raising events. I really like that, plus I get to spend more time with my sister. So that is nice.

Ok - that those are my updates and changes so far for 2011. I will keep you posted about what all is going on at the Ranch!

Hope that your New Year's was a great one and that 2011 is full of love and laughter!