Friday, August 28, 2009


I caught T-Bone eating hay

He had to come over and see what the camera was all about - he is too funny!

He wants more feed - sorry - not time yet!

He loves it when you scratch him where his horns are coming out. T-Bone is still a bull, we are going to get a vet over here to show us how to make him, ah, a bull no more! So more news to come on that process. We are trying to fatten him up so that we can take him to auction. After that we are going to focus on the Brangus breed. We are also taking about going into partnership with another person who wants to be a cattle rancher. So more news on that when it is all comes together.

Life on the LAST3 Ranch is good! Horses are doing well, man cave is coming along, T-Bone makes life fun and I was able to watch a momma deer feeding her twins. Not sure if it was the same twins that were born on the property or not - don't know how long deer allow their young to nurse - but both twins eating at the same time - it was a pretty cool sight to behold!

Boone loves to be by Charley

Whenever Charley is over - Boone is close by - just watching and waiting for Charley to drop some food or some times Charley will actually feed Boone!

I think Charley is wanting Grandma to give him more food! Boone is looking on the ground for his! :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tressa's Senior Year Begins

Tressa is ready for school - funny as I am taking this picture I am wondering where the time went - seems like just the other day I took her to her first day of Kindergarten. She was as independent then as she is now.

As you can tell she is leaving very early in the morning.

So, not only is she off for her Senior year, but in her new car. She wanted to learn how to drive stick shift before school started and she accomplished that! So off to school she goes.

I am sure this will be a very exciting year - Go Bulldogs! Class of 2010!!!