Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Guess Who Is Two Weeks Old

Here is our little "Snuggle Buddy". I can't believe how quickly 2 weeks have gone by, but when you are going back and forth from dr appointments and hospitals, time does fly.

Next time I will try to get a picture with his eyes open - ha! He just loves to eat and sleep right now - some times play. Not a big fan of taking a bath yet, but I have had a lot of fun bathing him. We are getting ready to take them to Ft Hood on Friday. After almost 3 years of having them here, it will be hard to let them go. I am excited though that I will see them in February - so that is really good! This week I am going to try to get all kinds of pictures of the boys - so the next couple of blogs will be about them - love those boys! Oh, and my kids too - ha! :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Charley is a Working Man

On Saturday, Albert, Charley and I worked on the property. We cut up trees and piled them up so that when our burn ban is over we can have a bonfire. While Albert and I took turns with the chain saw, Charley was putting wood in the back of our truck. Albert and I love to sit out in the back yard and have a fire. Our wood supply was getting low, so we took advantage of the fallen tree to re-stack our pile. We would put small logs on the tailgate and Charley would put them in the truck bed. He was nice and contained and working hard.

Here is what our wood pile looks like now! Yeah, more fires for me!

Charley wanted to sweep out the back of the truck - so hey - why not let him - ha! He sure was cheap labor!! Gave him a Capri Sun and he was a happy camper. Wonder when he will realize it is work and not fun!

Charley and Papa. They are both such good workers!