Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago

The 9/11 ceremonies have been on tv all day. I can not believe how quickly 10 years have past. I remember driving into work, talking on the phone when the first plane hit the North Tower and thinking - what type of pilot couldn't see a building. Then going to work and turning on the tv and seeing the horror of the 2nd plane hitting the South Tower and being in total shock!

I left work, went to try to get my kids out of school to be with them and keep them safe, but they wouldn't let them leave, then all I could do was go home, watch tv, and pace back and forth.

Later to find out that the Pentagon had been struck and then the plane crashing in PA was almost too much - what was going on - what was to become of America?

Not too much later I found out one of my friends (Otis) had been killed at the Pentagon - it was too wild to think of - too much to comprehend - this wonderful - cuddly, big teddy bear of a man (a Navy Officer - but to me a teddy bear) was gone!

He was not only a wonderful man, but a true gentleman and he left behind a wife and 3 children.

Still to this day it is hard for me to believe he is gone, it is hard to believe planes actually flew into buildings, but what is NOT hard to believe is how amazing America is! How we came together and still can come together - how we will survive!!

May God Bless America! May God be with Otis' family! And may God, please, remind of us how wonderful America is and how precious life is!

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

...since I have been riding - over a year! Well, today I feel it - that is for sure! Need to ride more, it is so good for me and for Princess!

Here are my girls! Princess and Baby and

here is the newest addition, Tejas. I call her Teja - she is so cute and full of personality! She has also been accepted by Princess and Baby - finally - so that is good - I like it when they all play nicely together!

My cousin, Tim's daughter, Lindsey, came for Labor Day weekend. She is going to Sam Houston and will be visiting us throughout the year. She loves to ride as well and she was a big help after wards washing the horses with me.

Tressa got on too! It was really a fun day and the horses behaved so well. I just need to make sure Tejas can be ridden and break Baby and then the 3 of us can each have a horse to ride!

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Yard

I have had fun this past Spring and Summer working in the yard, getting it all nice and pretty.

We need to sit out front more, but then the birds and squirrels can't eat, so I mostly let them have this area.

Here is my new sign, I got it while we were in CA.

I also enjoy our side yard - so many places to sit and just relax and enjoy our property!

I also got a new John Deere flag - loving it!

We need to build some sort of covering over the Hydrangea. It is not a fan of all the sun, this is the shadiest part of the yard.

All my Texas stuff - yeah!

The blue chairs are new - they were on sale - now we have the ability to sit under the canopy that Tressa bought for us.

Here is my newest addition, my boot fountain. Albert fixed it for me on Saturday. I still need some rocks to go around it. You can't really tell how the water comes out from this picture, you will just need to come over to my house and see it for yourself!

I love just sitting and looking at all the pretty things that we have done in our yard. Albert and I make a good team! It is just amazing to be able to enjoy LAST3 Ranch with my hubby!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun in CA

Albert and I had such a wonderful time in CA!! Here we are on the Midway, it is a wonderful tour if you are ever in San Diego it is worth seeing. It is amazing how the Navy lives out at sea! How airplanes land and take off in the middle of an ocean - just amazing!

I love Seaport Village and I was there 3 days in a row! It was such nice weather and such a joy to walk around and see all the shops and just chill!

This is my baby brother, Steve and my dad and I. We were able to visit Albert's family and my family on this trip. So much fun! So many laughs! It was GREAT!!

Here I am with my Uncle George (my dad's brother) and his wife, Anne. They have done so much work on our family history. Anne uses and I think I might have to start using that as well! Would love to get all of my family history down as well as Albert's!

Here is my handsome hubby! We were able to use Thor's truck while we were in San Diego - it was awesome having a sun roof in San Diego! Fun fun!!!

The CA trip was just amazing! I was able to go to an All Class High School Reunion and reconnect with friends! We were able to visit family and even though we drove up half the state, we had a great time seeing everyone and really relaxing. Now the trip home was long - we drove home pulling a u-haul - but we got back all safe and sound! Ha, I must say though, I am ready to go back to CA and hang out in San Diego - that weather was WONDERFUL!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tim's New Home

Here is Tim's new home. He has been working at his new job since January and now has the opportunity to move out on his own. Albert and I are so proud of him!

It is a cute one bedroom/bathroom apartment with a living room and a dinning room.

He loves the kitchen and how it looks. This is truly his look! Oh, he also has washer and dryer hook ups and was able to get a washer from Tara (traded a tv for it) and a dryer from Robin. So he is all set!

He has a patio area as well. He is on the ground floor, which he wanted. He is still working for some churches and has equipment to carry, so a ground floor was a MUST for him.

This is his view when he sits on the patio. There is a cute area where he can even go and bbq. He is almost all moved in and is already enjoying being closer to work and having his own space. He can even go home at lunch time now. Congrats Tim!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hard at Work

Albert and I have been working in our backyard. We wanted to extend our patio space so that we can have more room to sit when company comes over and to sit out there ourselves so we can enjoy the view.

We took out the old railroad ties so that we could put in new retaining walls. The railroad ties were rotted through and snakes liked to get in them, so I was happy to see them go! We loaded them up in the back of my truck - I love my truck!!

We were fortunate enough to get dirt from the Goode's. They built a pond, so they had extra dirt!! We got 4 truck loads from them! Off loading dirt sure reminded me of how old I am! It was HARD work!! But we got it done! And once again I must say, I love my truck!!!

Here are my stepping stones. We laid down a weed barrier and then put the stepping stones in place. I had to walk over them over and over again just to make sure they were in their right spot. Then we got 3 truck loads of River Rock to put on top of the barrier. Once again - I love my truck!!

Here is the brand new seating area! Albert is going to make the boot into a fountain for me. After that is completed, I will take more pictures. It is truly a blessing to have a husband who works so hard and likes to do home improvement jobs with me!

I will be adding more pots and plants (I got some new plants from my mother-in-law, so I will be adding them to this spot very soon!) and I also have to find a couple more chairs and the project will be totally complete! We are going to try it out for Easter when we have the entire family here - can't wait!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charley and Cody enjoying outside

This is what Papa and I got Charley for his birthday. It is a water and sand table. He loves it! Of course he has to make sure the water is equal on both sides as well as the sand, so we have to clean it out after he is done playing - ha - he loves mixing all the water and sand together. This toy keeps him busy for at least 30 minutes - I love it!

Charley also has to play with the sand in the horseshoe pit. The weather has been really wonderful lately, so we go outside quite a bit these days.

I know that this is a dark picture, but I just had to prove that Cody will smile! :) He talks up a storm and smiles all day long until you put a camera in his face to take a picture of him.

This is what happened after he realized that I was going to take pictures - silly boy!!

He loved the swing, but from this picture you couldn't tell - ha! Once again, he was all smiles until I wanted to take his picture!

We have had Tara and the boys here for 2 weeks while their truck is in the shop. It has been fun having them here - we have enjoyed our time with them!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Charley and Cody

Charley loves to wear hats. He was wearing one of Papa's hats while riding on the tractor. He is such a big helper when we are outside and loves to work with us!

Cody sleeping in his mommy's arms. This was before he was 2 months old, now he is 3 months old. Don't worry they are all coming down this weekend, new pictures will be taken for sure!

Charley is such a good big brother!

Charley loves to play and Papa is his own personal jungle gym!

Here is Tantie holding Cody. He is a real talker, can't wait to hear what all he has to say this weekend!

I love seeing my grandbabies! It was fun watching and playing with them. Boy, they sure do grow up quickly!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day on LAST3 Ranch

We had snow - not a lot, but enough to make it feel more like winter! Here is a picture of Charley and Cody's fort - I am thinking that Charley would have loved to slide down that snow slide!!

Here are the horses water buckets (don't worry there is another one that is not frozen - they can drink!), the hose is frozen inside the bucket.

Love the snow covered roof!

Albert wrote "Snow Day" on his car. Had to take a picture of that!

The greener part is where Tim was parked this morning. I love our "frosted" driveway!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Boys were Back in Town!

Tara, Charley and Cody came down this weekend. It was so good to see them! It was so fun to play with them and have a houseful again. Now, it is quiet, ha, I enjoy that too!! Charley loves his Papa!!!

Here is Cody - one month old! Wow, how times flies! He was having some tummy time on the couch, I was trying to capture his cute little dimple, but he was not cooperating! He would just show it off after I already snapped the picture!

Tara, Charley, Cody, Tressa, Mickey and I went to the zoo on Friday. It was a gorgeous day for sure! Charley loved looking at all the animals, but he really enjoyed running back and forth as the sea lions were playing. It was too cute! Tressa wants to bring one home, she thinks she can keep it in the tub - ha - don't think so!

Charley and I enjoying the elephants. He had to get up on the stand next to this one. I had Tara take our picture, since I am the one that takes most of the pictures, I needed to have one taken of us at the zoo!

And this is my favorite! Charley and Papa working! Charley ran out to Papa after we got home from the zoo. He had to go right out there and help him! He also loved playing outside with Papa!!! They had a great time! I think the next time they come to visit it is Cody's turn on the tractor with Papa, he will be a month and a half - I think that is the right age to start him working on the Ranch! lol :)