Monday, July 18, 2011

The Yard

I have had fun this past Spring and Summer working in the yard, getting it all nice and pretty.

We need to sit out front more, but then the birds and squirrels can't eat, so I mostly let them have this area.

Here is my new sign, I got it while we were in CA.

I also enjoy our side yard - so many places to sit and just relax and enjoy our property!

I also got a new John Deere flag - loving it!

We need to build some sort of covering over the Hydrangea. It is not a fan of all the sun, this is the shadiest part of the yard.

All my Texas stuff - yeah!

The blue chairs are new - they were on sale - now we have the ability to sit under the canopy that Tressa bought for us.

Here is my newest addition, my boot fountain. Albert fixed it for me on Saturday. I still need some rocks to go around it. You can't really tell how the water comes out from this picture, you will just need to come over to my house and see it for yourself!

I love just sitting and looking at all the pretty things that we have done in our yard. Albert and I make a good team! It is just amazing to be able to enjoy LAST3 Ranch with my hubby!!