Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thoughts Rolling Around in my Mind

It is so very interesting the way the Lord works.  We have started a study at church about the "Unseen".  What is underneath - picture an iceberg - you only see 30% of it, 70% is under the water.  So what are we built upon?  What is our foundation?  Why do we some times make poor choices?  How do we picture ourselves?

All of this can be answered by looking into who/what our foundation is.  Do we build upon Christ?  the world?  our past?  Do we know why we struggle in certain areas of our lives?  Do we believe the lies that others have told us about ourselves?

What I have come to realize is that I need to look into my past to see where my future is going.  Why am I insecure in certain areas of my life?  Why do I always have to make sure others are happy or not upset with me?  How can I follow the Lord and still do all the things in my life?  Where is my balance?

These are just a few things rolling around in my mind and I am working them out with God so that I can be ready for the ministry that He is going to give me.

Also, this year on my journey, I have found out many new and exciting things about God.  I know that I want my path to be His and I can trust that He will show me and let me know when I am NOT walking on that path.

God is so amazing, such a gentleman!  He loves with an everlasting love and truly only wants the best for our lives.

Instead of worrying that I am not on the right path, I am looking for doors that He is opening and going through them.  Instead of worrying that I am not doing what He wants, I am listening to the Holy Spirit and moving in His direction.

I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I choose to move forward and not allow the enemy to cause me to be still and not productive.

I feel His gentle leading towards a ministry in restoration.  So I am going to move forward in that direction.

Ok, so now what??  Well, June is almost over and so that means I am half way through my journey.  I am excitedly expecting what the next 6 months will reveal!  More puzzle pieces falling into place - why?  Because I am seeking His face and digging in deep into His Word.

Ever watch bull riding or bareback riding?  How the guys hold on to make the clock, well that is what I am going to do!  Hold on to Him and watch what He is going to do over the next 6 months!

Truly this has been an amazing journey and I am so very thankful that you are sharing it with me!  Stacy