Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Wonderful Weekend

This has been a wonderful weekend (well, a bit longer than a weekend) with my hubby and cousins.  It is so much fun to be here in the desert air and sun - just enjoying all the beautiful scenery and just amazed at how God creates so many beautiful things and areas.  Just blows my mind!  He is so awesome!

The past 2 days I have been able to ride and able to think about my horses and what it all means.  I love horses, love riding, love exploring and love the wide open spaces.  So while riding and thinking it occurs to me that I need more than a journey or path in my life.  I have to have some balance!

Driving in the car for over 2 1/2 hours a day (to and from work) has put me out of balance.  While I do enjoy structured time and knowing what I am going to do (checking things off a list) I also need to balance out my life.  The pressures of the Center can become overwhelming.  Am I going to bring enough money in, how can I help this client, what articles do I need to write, what about making the deposit.  All of this can be draining and adding traffic to it just makes it worse.  Like joy is stolen from me - well, more like just sucked right out of me.

It is harder and harder to wake up in the morning, life has moments of joy, but not most of the time.  Life seems to be more about checking things off my list than actually living.  Like I have this pressure to preform and get things done.  Which I like, but for some reason this is different.  Not sure I can explain it all.

So, how can I have balance?  What is it that I need to cut out?  How do I change my thinking?  Being on the back of a horse can change your thinking.  This is for sure!  The beauty of it, the feel of a horse, talking with the horse; it is all so calming and so fulfilling.  Just amazing!  It is so amazing how God created these majestic creatures!  As you can tell I love horses.  I need to ride more, but how do I fit it all in??

Which brings me back to balance.  Where do I get it?  What do I give up?  How do I create more time in my day?  What does all this have to do with my journey?

Well, these are all thoughts that I will be pondering over the next couple of weeks - will need to get some balance in my life soon - that is for sure!

Thank you again for help me on my journey!  Stacy