Monday, September 5, 2011

It's Been a Long Time...

...since I have been riding - over a year! Well, today I feel it - that is for sure! Need to ride more, it is so good for me and for Princess!

Here are my girls! Princess and Baby and

here is the newest addition, Tejas. I call her Teja - she is so cute and full of personality! She has also been accepted by Princess and Baby - finally - so that is good - I like it when they all play nicely together!

My cousin, Tim's daughter, Lindsey, came for Labor Day weekend. She is going to Sam Houston and will be visiting us throughout the year. She loves to ride as well and she was a big help after wards washing the horses with me.

Tressa got on too! It was really a fun day and the horses behaved so well. I just need to make sure Tejas can be ridden and break Baby and then the 3 of us can each have a horse to ride!