Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cody day 2

Here is Albert, Cody and Charley from yesterday. It is so cute, Albert and Cody have the same dimple! Charley had to have his hat and gloves on, so every picture we have of him, he has them on. I have hidden them until I wash them, so the next pictures we have of the boys together he won't have them on. Yeah!

Here is Cody - day 2! He had his pictures taken today as well as his hearing test. He passed - yeah!

He is so fun to hold and cuddle with. He is too funny already, he makes these little snorting sounds.

Proud mama! Tara is doing very well and will actually be released early from the hospital. I will take Charley up to the hospital so we can pick up Tara and Cody. Hope to be able to get some more pictures of them tomorrow. :) This grandma of 2 is having a blast!! :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is Cody - weighing 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 inches long

I woke up at 1:40 and couldn't go back to sleep. Got up before 3:30 drank my coffee and waited until 4:30 to leave to take Tara to the hospital for her c-section. Cody was born at 7:47 AM

He is such a cutie and such a sweet baby!

Proud Papa!!

More proud Momma! I will take more pictures tomorrow!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had Christmas in the man cave this again this year. I like having it in the man cave - nice to not have to worry about any little fingers trying to open presents before Christmas morning. And Charley didn't get into them either :)

Charley opened a present from Tressa (Tantie) - it was a dog with a little ball in his mouth - he was trying to figure out what was going on - thought this was a cute face!

Tressa didn't want me to take her picture - but I got this one before she could turn away! ha

What a cute boy we have!

Here is our oldest! Wow, in 2 days she will have another son - Cody! Can't believe how quickly they grow up. Next year Tara and her family will be in Alaska for Christmas - starting their own family traditions! I have a feeling that 2011 will be the year I learn everything about Skype and how to use it so I can watch my grandsons grow!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sticker Fun

Tara bought a Veggie Tale sticker book for Charley.

She was trying to help him put the stickers where they belong.

Well, Charley believes they belong on him and not in the book! What a cutie!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Movie Day for Charley

Charley, Tara, Christine (Tara's friend) and I went to watch Tangled at the movie theater yesterday. This was Charley's first time to go to the movies, we were all curious to how he would behave. He did a really good job. Tara had to take him out twice, but other than that he was very happy about the movie. He loved his huge bucket of pop corn and sitting in the chair. Not sure when he will be able to return to the movies, his little brother will be here in less than a week!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Crosby's New Home

Tara, Charley and I drove up to Ft Hood today to get the keys to Tara and Jeff's new home. I almost had a nervous breakdown when the woman told us that we were going to have to come back next week to do more paperwork - I said, "We live in Houston, we rented a u-haul and are planning to move in on Saturday", she looked at me and said, "oh, you can move in at any time - I just need for Tara to fill out more paperwork". Well, it took about 15 minutes for my heart to start beating normal again - ha! We also told her that Tara won't be able to do that paperwork until the first week of January. She said that was fine, after looking at Tara's belly, she knew that the baby would be born soon! :)

Here is Tara in the backyard. I was standing under their covered porch. The backyard is nice and it is so wonderful that they don't have neighbors behind them.

Here is the covered patio. I can see it with a bbq pit on it - ha!

Here is Tara in her kitchen. She has a nice size kitchen and laundry room. Lots of storage as well.

Here is Charley saying bye, come back and visit us! :) Tara is scheduled to have a c-section on December 28th, unless Cody decides to come sooner. Albert and I will take Tara and the boys to Ft Hood January 2nd and I will stay there for a week with her. Right now, Jeff is scheduled to come home sometime in January, so please pray that it will be sooner rather than later!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tara's Baby Shower

Tara chose a "Jungle" theme for Cody. Tressa and I sent out jungle invitations, we bought jungle decorations and had a good friend, Bridget, create a jungle cake. It was truly a wonderful time full of jungle surprises!

Here is the guest of Honor - Tara

Tara opening up presents.

We not only had a lot to eat, but also were able to play a few games, visit with friends and family and watch Tara open presents - I must say, Charley had the best time playing with Cody's presents. Wonder if Charley will let Cody ever play with his own things? Ha!

Here are Tara and Stefanie. Was such a fun day!! Now we sit back and wait for Cody to make his debut - he will be born on December 28th, unless he desires to come sooner - ha!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Family Picture Day

Ok, so I am going to start off with the best picture of the day! Ha! I decided that it was time for family pictures, we are all so busy and it is so hard to have everyone home at the same time, so I had to plan this a week ahead and get everyone's schedule. There is no telling who will be home next year - so this was very important to me to get this picture and have everyone in it.

While others were still getting ready, I was taking fun pictures of Charley and Tressa. Tressa always has a picture with Boone, so this was our attempt. Boone wanted so badly to get into the truck, but he just couldn't do it! Charley loves getting in the back of the truck, so we had to get him up there as well.

Here is my cowboy! Out in his boot and hat riding his tractor. Actually what he likes to do is chase Boone around while riding his tractor. Boone is not a big fan of this game - ha!

Here is a car that Boone can easily get into! So I took a picture of Tressa and Boone in her car.

I talked Albert into having his cowboy hat on - just love a man in a cowboy hat! :) The sun wasn't our friend and so Albert had to take off his hat for our family pictures so that we could see his handsome face!

It was a beautiful day, but windy and a little cool. Had to make Tim take off his jacket while we were actually taking pictures. My 3 wonderful children! Wow, how they have grown!

Here they are - Tim, Tara and Tressa!! Love these kids!

Tara got Charley to stay still because of candy! He is too funny!!

Just had to end with this one, trying to get Charley to sit and look at the camera, even candy didn't always work! Life on the ranch will be changing soon. Cody will be born in a couple of months, Jeff will be coming home from Iraq in February (well, maybe, the Army doesn't always keep the same plan), then they will move to Ft Hood and in June they will move to Alaska. One day my blog will have pictures of Alaska and my grandsons!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat - Guess who??!!

It's Charley! He is practicing his trick or treat drill! He didn't want his Halloween costume on, but then Grandma showed him how he could get candy in his bag - oh, he was ALL for that!! He and Tara are out right now; wonder how full his bag will be! I am sure Grandpa can't wait to get the "good" candy! :)

Friday, October 15, 2010

So I Had a Bad Day...

...well in Charley's case, he had 3 bad days!

So day one, candy - check - razor - check - crying baby - CHECK!!

Day 2 - still a crying baby. Tara tried the best she could to cut his hair on day one, but Charley just freaks out at the razor. So, she did the best she could on day one and then put him back in the high chair one day 2. Well, that still didn't work, so she actually had to take him to the professionals on day 3. She had to hold him down so that the girl could cut his hair. He is too funny about things. We can finally cut his finger nails, but don't even touch his toes - ha!

So now here he is hardly any hair, but at least he won't have to get it cut for awhile!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Visting with Family

Here we are, on our way to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house in Kingsville. Charley was good on the 3 1/2 hour drive, of course he was able to watch his shows on the computer, so that helped!!

Charley found these hats, Papa HAD to wear one as well! What a great Papa to wear that hat!

Charley found the toy chest - he had a blast playing with all the toys!

Here is the family!! We really had a great time on our visit! Was so good to see everyone!

Charley is now at the stage where he likes looking at himself in the camera - I turned the camera around to get a picture of the 2 of us - he was busy watching himself - he is too funny!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun at the Zoo

Jeff, Tara and Charley went to the zoo. Charley had a blast!

The newly weds!

Charley showing daddy the monkeys!

It took a little bit of time for Charley to warm up to the goats, but he finally did and had fun.

Looking at the snakes, not grandma's favorite thing, glad he enjoyed them.