Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, it has been an interesting couple of days. So many thoughts running around in my head. Things of what I would love to do, things that are more realistic, and things that just make me tired and want to take a nap.

Albert and I had dinner on Friday night at the Goode's. So the table conversation turned into a deep subject, "what is your passion". So, all of us had to answer that question. At first I couldn't really put my finger on what to say and I was feeling pressure to answer the question because we made all the men go first. Turns out I feel my passion is to help others. To come alongside of them and make sure they know how special they are and how great the love of God is. I also want to help animals, those that are broken due to neglect and/or abuse.

Then, Sunday at church, the Pastor was talking about chapter 2 and 3 in Nehemiah. Well, in these 2 chapters we are finding out that the King is allowing Nehemiah to go and build the wall, that most of the people are excited about it and that some people are, well, just not excited about it at all.

The wall represents safety, security, and how others view the power of God. It was very important to Nehemiah that the wall be rebuilt and to most of the Jews as well.

The Pastor made a point in saying that if we think are doing the work of the Lord and everyone is approving of that or that there isn't any opposition, then maybe we need to make sure we are truly doing His work. Let's just say this - the enemy wants to foil any plans that we have that include Kingdom building and praising God.

Ok, so putting this all together - oh, another important fact that I have learned is about planning - how I need a vision, a mission and a plan. Something that moves me forward - ok - now putting it all together!

Do I want a Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal (BHAG) of starting my own ministry, seeing how to come up with more land, looking into a future with many horses and children who need love and care? OR do I look in another direction, a direction that still calls for a lot of faith, one that is more like I no longer work but instead volunteer with 2 different ministries/agencies?

Is there something in between those 2 ideas? Is this even the path that God wants me to be on? What is my first step?

Well, I am actually already taking a first step - Albert and I are getting our finances in order - so that is step one.

I am actually putting down on paper all the things I need to do before I can even start "saving" horses.

I do want to have a horse business of some sort as well. I have 2 stalls that I want to rent out - do you know of anyone that needs a horse stall??

And oh, at some time this year I will be taking horseback riding lessons as well. I do know how to ride, but I don't really know how to ride.

I also want to work with the horses and train them. Albert and I will also be building a round pen in the next couple of months. Need to start that before it becomes too hot.

It would appear that I am confused about my journey, my path, but as I am writing this it just feels good to be thinking in a direction, looking down a road that I want to travel.

I know as I write more, plan more, pray more it will all come into focus and the Lord will open His floodgates and more things will become clear. And I also know that my God owns the 1000 cattle on the hill and if He wants us to have more land, He will do it - no worries, we have a great and mighty God!

Thanks again for following me! Question? What is your passion and what does your journey look like? Ah the tables have turned - lol!! Stacy