Friday, May 28, 2010

Tressa in her Graduation Cap and Gown

Waller High School has Cap and Gown day, so Tressa got to wear them to school on Thursday. I ironed that gown for a half an hour and still it had wrinkles! Man!

As you can tell she is sooooo happy that I am taking pictures at 6:30 in the morning and plus I was making her late. So she was all, "hurry up, mom!"

Tressa will graduate on June 5th and then head out to CA on June 7th for 2 weeks. She will stay with family and friends there and she hopes to spend a ton of time on the beaches! She wants to work as much as possible this summer and will start college classes in the Fall. We are so proud of her and know that she is going to do an amazing job in college and life! She wants to be a high school teacher and teach 11th grade History. Not sure where all the time has gone, my baby is all grown up!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Stef and Baine came over last Sunday so that the boys could play together. The weather is already hot here and so we thought they would have fun outside running through the sprinkler. Well, that is what we thought - ha!

They enjoyed playing in the fort and every once in awhile the sprinkler would hit the fort - so that was fine. The slide was wet, so that made it even a little more fun to go down.

Baine is trying to run away from the sprinkler. He did get brave enough to go through it once - so that was cute watching him.

Tara pushed Charley through the sprinkler in his car - well, that was not as much fun as Charley thought it was going to be! All in all a fun day for them. It is nice that they can play together. They are only one year apart and it is so cute to watch them play together. Sharing toys, well now, that is a different topic all together - ha! But they are learning!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prom Night for Tressa

Tressa had this dress in her closet and took it to a friend's mom who does alterations. So Tressa had the idea of putting netting down at the bottom of the dress. Well, we all thought it made the dress look more 80's, so then she had the idea of wearing black converse with her dress. Her friend did her hair and the look was complete. I thought she needed those jelly bracelets that we used to wear, but she didn't have any.

I helped her lace up the back of it. I think she looks really cute all decked out in the 80's!

Here is a closer picture with her shoes. Albert and I have been putting up trim in the man cave, sorry for the mess in the background! The man cave will be clean in a couple of weeks - Tressa will have her graduation party!

Stephanie and Tressa in the backyard. Both girls didn't have a date so they thought they would go together.

Here is the gang! I think they all look so beautiful! When Tressa got in at 2 to tell us that she and Stephanie were home, I asked if she had fun. Her response was "YES"! So glad! Will have to get the entire scoop when they wake up - ha - not sure what time that will be!!