Saturday, May 12, 2012

Daily Devotional

A volunteer at the Center shared this with me the other day.  She doesn't read my blog or even know that this is my year for my journey - a journey to see what God wants me to be when I grow up - lol.

Just thought I would share this with you, it was the May 1st daily devotional in a book called "Jesus Calling":

You are on the path of My choosing.  There is no randomness about your life.  Here and Now comprise the coordinates of your daily life.  Most people let their moments slip through their fingers, half-lived.  They avoid the present by worrying about the future or longing for a better time and place.  They forget that they are creatures who are subject to the limitations of time and space.  They forget their Creator, who walks with them only in the present.

Every moment is alive with My glorious Presence, to those whose hearts are intimately connected with Mine.  As you give yourself more and more to a life of constant communion with Me, you will find that you simply have no time for worry.  Thus, you are freed to let My Spirit direct your steps, enabling you to walk along the path of Peace.

The recommended reading is Luke 12:25-26 and Luke 1:79

It is amazing to me how much the Lord loves us.  He places people in our lives, gives us multiply blessings and loves us unconditionally.

As I continue to seek my path, I can rest in this;  I am on the path of His choosing.  I also want to communion with Him not only daily, but deeper.  Seek Him more and hear from the Holy Spirit.

It is so comforting to know that He is not limited by time or space, even though I am.  Which is a good thing for me - lol.

As I continue this journey, walking with Him, He will show me what my life is and how my life should be.  Praise be to our God!

Thank you for joining me on my journey - Stacy

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