Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years ago

The 9/11 ceremonies have been on tv all day. I can not believe how quickly 10 years have past. I remember driving into work, talking on the phone when the first plane hit the North Tower and thinking - what type of pilot couldn't see a building. Then going to work and turning on the tv and seeing the horror of the 2nd plane hitting the South Tower and being in total shock!

I left work, went to try to get my kids out of school to be with them and keep them safe, but they wouldn't let them leave, then all I could do was go home, watch tv, and pace back and forth.

Later to find out that the Pentagon had been struck and then the plane crashing in PA was almost too much - what was going on - what was to become of America?

Not too much later I found out one of my friends (Otis) had been killed at the Pentagon - it was too wild to think of - too much to comprehend - this wonderful - cuddly, big teddy bear of a man (a Navy Officer - but to me a teddy bear) was gone!

He was not only a wonderful man, but a true gentleman and he left behind a wife and 3 children.

Still to this day it is hard for me to believe he is gone, it is hard to believe planes actually flew into buildings, but what is NOT hard to believe is how amazing America is! How we came together and still can come together - how we will survive!!

May God Bless America! May God be with Otis' family! And may God, please, remind of us how wonderful America is and how precious life is!