Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tressa's Dance Program

Not sure why the date says the 20th - it was last night on the 24th.
All the girls did a very good job dancing. It has been so much fun watching Tressa last year and this year on the dance team. I will miss going to her shows next year!

This was their Kids in America routine. She and some of the other girls worked very hard creating their shirts - the back was really cute with glitter letters that spelled out their names.

She was getting ready to jump. I think Tressa is a very good dancer and has really good timing as well.

Ah - the ending - they all had letters on their bums that spelled out Kids in America - Tressa was the "K". I can't believe how quickly the kids grow. Tressa is a junior this year, next year she will have a work studies program so she won't be taking a dance class.
This is the last 6 weeks of school - where did this year go??? My baby is almost a Senior! Too Wild!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Albert trimmed up the trees...

...the horses had a feast!

They were really happy with all those leaves!

It was fun to watch them.

Here is Boone sporting his new John Deere collar - it is a little hard to see - but he isn't the best at being photographed.
Charley has a John Deere tractor, Boone has his collar and I have a cookie jar - see a theme? Can't wait to get the "real deal"!! :)

Beautiful Day to Play Outside!

Charley loves his swing!

Uncle Tim is pushing him.

The weather was so beautiful on Sunday - so much better after the rain stopped!

Charley loves his car as well and likes for us to push him around the property!
Both Grandpa and Charley are tired after the fun day in the sun!