Monday, June 1, 2009

More Pictures of the Baby Deer

Albert had a friend (Baby) while taking pictures of the deer. She was so curious to what he was doing that she was right over his shoulder. Too cute!

Momma and babies

Here are the twins!

Wonder if they are boys or girls?
Momma wants to make sure Albert is going to stay on the other side of the fence!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Having Fun with Charley

Charley's new hair cut!

If the tractor is running - Charley wants on it!
Oh, he also has a new love - rocks - has to have one in each hand.

Tante (which is what Tressa wants to be called) gave Charley a Mohawk.

Grandpa didn't like it - but Charley was getting into the "Rocker" mode and even doing some head banging to music that was playing - I must say - he was really cute!

New Life on LAST3 Ranch

Albert discovered that twin deer were born.

They are so cute!

She seems to be a very good mom!