Saturday, July 25, 2009

Deer on the Ranch

I was able to watch the cutest thing this morning outside my kitchen window. The twins deer and family were back. The deer were running back and forth - playing with each other - they were so cute. It was funny to watch the older deer look over at them - just like they were saying - chill out or why are you running around so much. Then, of course, Baby had to come and watch them. She stuck her head through the fence and I could just imagine her saying - "hey, I want to play!"

Anyway, I just had to share what a cute sight I saw this morning. I so love living here! It is nice to feel the calmness and peace of living where you know you belong.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still More CA Time

Mom and Hunter, Steve and Hilda's son
Having fun with dad.....
My cousin Julie's family (missing one) - Julie, DJ and Kirk

More CA Time

My brother, Steve, his wife, Hilda, and thier son Luke.

Stef, Steve, Me and our mom at Steve's house

My dad and I

My dad and Stef

California Time

My cousin, Julie, and I at in Newport Beach after we landed in CA

My mom fell in love with this little puppy. We wanted to see a lady that carried her puppy in her purse - but no luck this time!

My sister, Stef, and Julie

My mom, Stef and I on our "Day of Beauty"!

My nephew, Luke, playing baseball - they were in the finals - very exciting times in CA!

Charley's School Picture

Here is Charley's school picture. I just can't help loving that boy! He is way too cute! Not only in his looks, but his personality!