Saturday, October 31, 2009

And the middle child turns 20!!!

Tim loves Bucee's - Fonda got him a shirt!
Brianne got him a gift that keeps on giving! Tim got covered with Silly String!

Ah, but Tim got his turn as well!
Ok, so my question is - who is going to clean up that mess! :)

Play Day for Baine and Charley

Baine is having a moment of silence - just kidding - thought this was a cute picture of him looking out the window.

The boys really had a blast climbing up the stairs and then sliding down - what a fun afternoon for them.

Yeah for slides!

We are so happy - Charley loves being outside!

I also took a video of them running back and forth screaming - they really had a blast!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

He can always make me laugh

Not only has this boy gotten a bucket stuck on his head (Baby's water bucket), but he has also played with Barn Bunny (yep, Barn Bunny is still around!). The 2 of them were zig zagging around the pasture - now I know you don't believe me that a bunny and a bull calf would play together - but - I saw it and Barn Bunny is the one that started playing with T-Bone first! ah too funny - but now on to what I saw today...

Yes, it is a rainy day and yes, that is T-Bone INSIDE the round bail feeder!

I couldn't lift it up all by myself, the cattle have the hay all on it and it is wet, so it was very heavy - I had to get in there with him and shoo him out - hope he remembers how to get out in case he does this again.
He is just too funny!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

On to Fun Times!

Here are Kristen and I at Drill Team practice...

We had to practice with flags with the horses - they did really well!!!

I love my Princess!!!
Look at the fun chaps I get to wear for Drill Team - I get to be light purple - so much fun!!!!

Sad News

Little Ms March lost her calf today - it was heart breaking to see him on the ground like that. Albert was the one who had to bury him. We will have the vet come out, but it looks like Ms March is doing well. Whenever I close my eyes I see him - just breaks my heart! He was fully formed, just had to grow some more. My prayer is the Ms January is fine and her baby is healthy! Sorry, just had to share this news!!!