Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grandma has cookies!

I have my John Deere Tractor Cookie Jar (got it from one of my gals for Christmas) and of course, now that I am a Grandma I had to fill it with cookies for Charley!

Let's just say I had a cookie monster on my hands!

He couldn't put it in his mouth fast enough!
I guess since he wants to be on the tractor with Grandpa, this is the way I can bribe him to come to me! :) My little Cookie Monster!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ok Grandpa Wins!

Tara and Charley came over for dinner.........but

when Charley saw Grandpa - ah - he only wanted to help Grandpa cut the grass and mow the yard!

He is so happy!
It is so good I don't take his wanting Grandpa over me personally! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Time at Easter

Charley and Grandpa say, "Happy Easter everyone!"

Charley got new golf clubs for Easter

hmmmmm how do they work?

Albert made excellent brisket and ribs - Baine (my nephew) is going to town on that rib!

Charley and Baine playing before the egg hunt begins!
I can only post 5 pictures at a time - so scroll down to see all of our Easter fun!
My sister, Stefanie, and her family joined us for Easter, as well as Tressa's boyfriend, Joe.
We had a wonderful time - hope that your Easter was wonderful as well!
He has risen indeed!!!

Family Time at Easter Cont...

His parents might want him to be a surfer, but I think farmer it is!

Grandpa and Charley playing!

Stef and Baine - time to start hunting for those eggs!

Charley loves to wave - what a cutie!!

No place I would rather live! I love Texas!!!

Family Time at Easter Cont...

Don't get my eggs, daddy!

hmmmmm is this what I am looking for?

Yes it is! I found an egg!

Counting all the eggs I found!
Baine has eggs and Tressa has her phone!

Family Time at Easter Cont...

Baine showing Tressa the eggs he found

Joe and Tim

We made Joe smile - so silly!
Charley thought his egg tasted good!
Waiting to see who found the most eggs!

Family Time at Easter Cont...

My Love!

Scott, Baine and Stef

Tressa, Joe, Tim and Albert

Tara, Stef and Tressa - so silly!

We had a wonderful Easter!!