Thursday, September 20, 2012

New App

I am so excited about this new app my cousin told me about, "Lose It!".  I have it on my iPad.  I am able to add my weight loss goal and they tell me how many pounds I will need to lose a week to reach my goal.  You also add all your food and exercise activity.  You can use this bar code scan as well and it reads labels.  Anyway, it is a new toy for me and I am enjoying it.

This year my journey has been up and down. As well as highs and lows, excitement and frustration.  Just a few days ago I was even in a funk.  Strange as it sounds, this new app has helped me get out of my funk.  I think because I feel like I have some sort of control back in my life.  I want to live my life (the way God is leading me) and not just have life happen to me.  I don't do well with crisis after crisis and just sitting back and having life happen.

I guess it is like surfing, I want to ride the wave in the direction that the Lord is leading me and not crash and be under the wave, drowning in what life is coming at me.

What I have learned so far about my journey is this:  God reveals Himself in many ways.  He is so amazing, so gentle, makes me laugh and cry.  At this time I feel more lead to speak with women and men who are in crisis and might not know Him.  As a matter of fact, I have 6 people that I am counseling with right now in the area of parenting, they are a captive audience because they are at the Center due to CPS.  I truly enjoy watching them grow in the areas of parenting and the Lord.

Although it is a bit overwhelming at this time because I am also in the middle of planning a huge fundraiser banquet, but He is allowing me to watch Him work and bring the banquet details together.  So that is good!

The fact that it is September reminds me that 3/4's of my "Journey Year" has almost come to an end.  I am still not exactly sure what He is going to do next and how everything fits together, but I am confident that He has His plan for my life!

Anyway, I just wanted to share what was going on now and I so appreciate all your help and support!

Thanks for joining me in the journey, Stacy