Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Flood of 2012

Just wanted to show you some of the pictures that Albert and I took around the property and neighborhood.  It was really crazy last week with a LOT of rain!
 One would think we lived by a lake, but nope, that is horse pasture.

 Thought Albert's bike would protected from all sorts of weather in the shed - didn't realize flooding could be like this.

 This is our neighbor's house.  He has at least a foot of water inside and the tractor and 3 cars had water in them as well.

 I opened the gate so I could close another gate to protect the horses, I took my first step and sunk to my knees.  Now we have a hole to fill.
 Thought the horses water bucket might float away, but it has sand in it, so it stayed put.
 Water front property, well, for a day anyway.
 Albert is pointing to a pile of ants floating in the water.

Here they are, it was crazy to see just a pile of ants floating like that.  Would be horrible to have them on you, guess that is one reason to stay out of flood waters.

Things are all back to normal, well, sort of.  The burn piles floated against the fences, so have to regroup all that wood, parts are still soaked, so waiting for it to dry out.  Still have rain off and on this week as well.  At least our well has more water in it - yeah!

Just wanted to share our Thursday!