Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun in CA

Albert and I had such a wonderful time in CA!! Here we are on the Midway, it is a wonderful tour if you are ever in San Diego it is worth seeing. It is amazing how the Navy lives out at sea! How airplanes land and take off in the middle of an ocean - just amazing!

I love Seaport Village and I was there 3 days in a row! It was such nice weather and such a joy to walk around and see all the shops and just chill!

This is my baby brother, Steve and my dad and I. We were able to visit Albert's family and my family on this trip. So much fun! So many laughs! It was GREAT!!

Here I am with my Uncle George (my dad's brother) and his wife, Anne. They have done so much work on our family history. Anne uses Ancestry.com and I think I might have to start using that as well! Would love to get all of my family history down as well as Albert's!

Here is my handsome hubby! We were able to use Thor's truck while we were in San Diego - it was awesome having a sun roof in San Diego! Fun fun!!!

The CA trip was just amazing! I was able to go to an All Class High School Reunion and reconnect with friends! We were able to visit family and even though we drove up half the state, we had a great time seeing everyone and really relaxing. Now the trip home was long - we drove home pulling a u-haul - but we got back all safe and sound! Ha, I must say though, I am ready to go back to CA and hang out in San Diego - that weather was WONDERFUL!!