Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Crosby's New Home

Tara, Charley and I drove up to Ft Hood today to get the keys to Tara and Jeff's new home. I almost had a nervous breakdown when the woman told us that we were going to have to come back next week to do more paperwork - I said, "We live in Houston, we rented a u-haul and are planning to move in on Saturday", she looked at me and said, "oh, you can move in at any time - I just need for Tara to fill out more paperwork". Well, it took about 15 minutes for my heart to start beating normal again - ha! We also told her that Tara won't be able to do that paperwork until the first week of January. She said that was fine, after looking at Tara's belly, she knew that the baby would be born soon! :)

Here is Tara in the backyard. I was standing under their covered porch. The backyard is nice and it is so wonderful that they don't have neighbors behind them.

Here is the covered patio. I can see it with a bbq pit on it - ha!

Here is Tara in her kitchen. She has a nice size kitchen and laundry room. Lots of storage as well.

Here is Charley saying bye, come back and visit us! :) Tara is scheduled to have a c-section on December 28th, unless Cody decides to come sooner. Albert and I will take Tara and the boys to Ft Hood January 2nd and I will stay there for a week with her. Right now, Jeff is scheduled to come home sometime in January, so please pray that it will be sooner rather than later!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Tara's Baby Shower

Tara chose a "Jungle" theme for Cody. Tressa and I sent out jungle invitations, we bought jungle decorations and had a good friend, Bridget, create a jungle cake. It was truly a wonderful time full of jungle surprises!

Here is the guest of Honor - Tara

Tara opening up presents.

We not only had a lot to eat, but also were able to play a few games, visit with friends and family and watch Tara open presents - I must say, Charley had the best time playing with Cody's presents. Wonder if Charley will let Cody ever play with his own things? Ha!

Here are Tara and Stefanie. Was such a fun day!! Now we sit back and wait for Cody to make his debut - he will be born on December 28th, unless he desires to come sooner - ha!