Friday, March 26, 2010

Chuck E Cheese Time

Charley's first time at Chuck E Cheese. Just think, about 6 years ago both Tara and Tim worked at this location! Charley had a blast! Wouldn't play on the slide, so I had to go with him everywhere to help him with the rides and play the games. It was a lot of fun, but man oh man, wore me OUT!

He wanted to ride the horse once, only once! Ha, wouldn't get back on it. Guess he likes the real ones better!! That is my cowboy!!!

We went with a friend, Ada, my sister, Stefanie, and her son, Baine. Baine had fun on the rides as well. They played air hockey, but what they liked the best was putting the puck in the slot so that it would come back out. It was fun to watch them play together.

Charley also loved this game. You had to press down on the bone to feed this dog. So I helped him push the bone down to put all these balls into the dogs mouth. It was cute watching him play.
This is "Whack a Mole", well, Charley liked to hold the mallet and hit the moles with his hands. That was really funny to watch!
It was a really fun day. I am so glad that Charley wanted to play and ride the rides. Now if I can just get him to play on the slide and in the ball pit, I would have time to sit and recover after running around after him! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Charley's Exciting Day

Charley has his first 4 Wheeler - He is LOVING it! It rained last night, so it was too wet to go outside this morning, maybe when Grandpa comes home from work Charley can show him outside how he can ride!

Yes, he likes driving around the house - but still can't figure out how to turn the wheel and he is too excited looking back at his mom and me to make sure we see him that he runs into things!

Look at him go!

Charley was also my big helper in the kitchen. I wanted him to help me bake a cake. He had fun doing the stirring and mixing. I hope it turns out alright, some of the ingrdients only made it on the counter and not in the bowl. Of course I had him working with flour while wearing a black shirt, let's just say, his shirt was not only black afterwards - ha!

Chef Charley!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brooks & Dunn

Yesterday was really a great day! Fonda picked up Albert and I about 8:15 AM to go to the Poultry Auction breakfast and then attend the auction. Albert and I didn't bid, but Fonda, Paul and Jenn did. It was so much fun watching them and everyone else bid on the chickens and turkeys. Some of the kids did the chicken dance, push ups or brought out gift baskets to entice bidders.

Albert and I at the rodeo. It turned sooooooooo cold on the first day of Spring. For our last time to the 2010 rodeo, I wanted to ride the rides, eat another corn dog or even fried zucchini but a cold front blew in along with rain, so after the auction we all headed inside to hopefully warm up. It was cold in our seats as well; but I didn't mind that much, I got to snuggle with my cowboy!

I really enjoy Brooks and Dunn; they put on a really good show! Not only do I like their songs, but also how patriotic they are!!

All and all it was a wonderful day! Having a great time with my hubby and girlfriends!
I figured out that I have been to the rodeo 8 times this year (counting the BBQ Cook-Off) - that is amazing to me! I have never been more than once (maybe twice) in previous years and last year didn't get to attend at all!
It was because of Robin that I was able to attend 7 of those times! Thanks Robin for such a fantastic Rodeo season! I hope to become more involved in the rodeo. I found out that they have a Quarter Horse Committee - now that would be right up my alley! Of course I still dream of barrel racing one day - will have to see if that dream can come true!