Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Free Free

Guess what, I am posting this blog from my couch in my living room - YEAH!

The cardio doctor released me yesterday, but still was not excited over my stress test. As far as all the pictures and tests that they ran, my heart looks great, but while on the treadmill my heart has little jumps and spikes that he does not know what caused that. He wants me to follow up with my doctor and have different tests run.

Now I am thinking it could be the fact that it was after 1:00 PM and they didn't allow me to eat until after that test and with my hypoglycemia I was just feeling weak and such, but I will follow up with my doctor anyway - just to make sure.

Thank you all for your prayers and comments - I know that the Lord has His hands upon me - that is for sure!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hanging Around

Albert and I are just hanging out at the hospital. I have had all the tests I think I have to have so now we are just waiting to see what the results are.

I got dizzy doing the stress test, but I finished it! They wanted me to lie down afterwards, but I couldn't it was like I was going to throw up! So, I just sat there and waited for my next test.

I have this awful feeling they are going to want more blood soon -not in the mood for that!

I will keep you posted! Thanks for your comments!!! Love you!

e-mail issues

Hey - I am having issues with my e-mail so I will try to keep you posted from my blog.

I am going to have my stress test soon - no fun :(

All of my blood work looks really good and my cholesterol is very low - yeah for that.

My EKG is still abnormal - enlarged left side of my heart and some sort of a blockage...

ah the journey continues...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In the Hospital

Well, no fun for me tonight. I am sitting in the hospital waiting for more tests to be run. Went to the ER last Thursday and had a follow-up with a new doctor today. He ran an EKG on me and it came back abnormal, so now I get more tests done. Tomorrow will be a stress test, not sure what that will be like - should be interesting.

Albert brought me items from home that I asked for, but I couldn't remember everything, at least I have my computer! Yeah!

All of my blood work looks really good, as far as I know, so do other tests - I sure hope I am not in here for no reason at all - don't like when that happens!

Albert is such a great guy - he is at home with Charley and running the house for me! Tara is in San Antonio at in the field for the National Guard. Tim is at school, hoping he doesn't run into any bad flooding - we had such a huge rain storm last night. Tressa has TAKS testing tomorrow, so I am sure she will be going to bed early.

Well, I do believe that is my update for tonight. I will let you all know how my stress test goes - not sure what to expect from it but was told it is like a 2 hour test. Yikes!